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Product FAQ

Q: My Moisturizing Deodorant Cream arrived in a liquid state. What should I do?

Shipping during hot summer months can cause your Moisturizing Deodorant Cream to arrive in a runny state. If this happens, simply stir well with a clean spoon and place in the fridge for a couple of hours. This will return your deodorant to its normal state!

Q: Where do Verefina's Essential Oils come from and what is their level of quality?

Our oils come from botanicals grown all over the world. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the quality of essential oils — some of which include:

• The quality of the soil the botanical is grown in
• The amount of rainfall
• The temperature/climate
• The altitude
• The way the botanical is harvested
• The way the botanical is stored prior to distillation
• The length of time that passes between when the botanical was harvested and when it is distilled into an essential oil
• The exact part of the plant used in the distillation of the oil
• The type of distillation equipment being used including the material it is made out of (i.e. copper vs. steel components)
• The storage conditions of the essential oil
• Any adulteration/tampering with the essential oil

We work closely with the distillers of our oils to make sure attention is given to the many factors that contribute to the quality of our oils. Every batch of oil varies to some degree, which is contributes to the effectiveness of the oils. Organisms can't become resistant to quality essential oils because the constituents (chemical make up) are never exactly the same from batch to batch!
Here is one example to demonstrate differences in quality:

Peppermint oil used for flavoring peppermint candy is often a peppermint essential oil that has been re-distilled many times. Re-distilling peppermint essential oil many times creates a very crisp, clean, candy-like peppermint oil which is great for flavoring food items. Unfortunately, over-distilling essential oils removes many of the therapeutic properties of the oil rendering the oil less effective — if effective at all! Many companies offer these inferior essential oils and market them for therapeutic use. These oils may be "pure" but not of high quality.

Our oils are distilled from botanicals that have been grown, harvested, and stored under the best possible circumstances and then distilled in a manner that retains the therapeutic properties of the oils making them the best quality oils possible!